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    P t D Six Key Virtual Assistant Skills Scheduling and correspondence: Scheduling meetings and calls is time-consuming for your client. To schedule successfully, you have to understand your client and their priorities. Additionally, you must be organized and skilled at maintaining correspondence with several parties at once.Bookkeeping: Businesses need to keep the books, but don’t always need a full-time employee to do so. Bookkeeping tasks include documenting payables and receivables, tracking receipts, logging employee reimbursements, performing bank reconciliations and preparing tax documentation for the accountant. If you’re an accounting major, bookkeeping tasks could sharpen your in-class learning. Online bookkeeping is also a great side hustle in its own right — learn more in our article, Work at Home Bookkeeping Jobs: A Beginner’s Guide.Content creation and management: Some businesses just need you to manage their content, such as their website, blog posts and newsletters. Others ask that you write this content as well. If you have above-average writing skills, you can offer the latter and charge a lot more.Customer service: Some businesses task their virtual assistants with answering customer queries and handling other customer service tasks. Problem-solving skills and a friendly disposition will be a huge help.Project management: Project management is a whole field by itself, but if you’ve picked up some basic project management skills in school, you can still be of value to your client.Social media management: Social media is an integral part of marketing. You’ll have to know how to promote content on social media, engage with potential customers and evaluate the performance of posts. G YP

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    There are many options available that offer drag-and-drop or in other words, easily customizable mobile app builders, some of them are, Firebase (owned by Google) or BuildFire. j ox

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    Additionally, online forums have unique benefits, which include:R D J

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    $1M per session? No, it’s not funny. Y QoThe rise of “crowdlending” is just another example of how the internet has shaken up practically every sector of the economy.G s F

    Graphic Design: Help clients with design tasks like website updates, brochures, business cards, and other promotional graphics; earn an average of $28.06 per hour according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).Programming: Create websites, apps, software for businesses; earn an average of $45.98 per hour according to the BLS.Transcription: Copy audio recordings into written text as a transcriptionist; earn $15 per hour on average according to ZipRecruiter.Tutoring: Teach subjects like English to online students across the world from your computer with online tutoring companies like EF Education First and VIPKid; earn an average of $20.44 per hour according to PayScale.Writing: Write content like blog posts, news updates, and website copy for clients; earn $36.67 per hour on average according to the BLS.Virtual Assistant Work: Assist with administrative tasks like scheduling appointments, email correspondence, bookkeeping, and making travel arrangements; earn an average of $18.95 per hour according to Indeed. rJ H N Wp

    That being said, you don’t have to teach asynchronous classes to reap the benefits of forum discussions. Any type of class, including blended ones, can have discussion forums. Even if it’s for sharing learning resources!A k ija X

    Transcriptionist Pros Job Availability. There are numerous transcription websites you can work for that are almost always hiring. Plus websites like Upwork and Fiverr let you list transcription services as a freelancer.Steady Work. There is a growing need for transcribers because video content and the need for captioning is growing.Flexibility. Most transcription websites let you claim audio files to transcribe and give you a few days to complete an assignment. But you can claim files whenever you want. Transcriptionist Cons Earning Potential. Making $15 per hour is above minimum wage, but it’s difficult for transcriptionists to earn more than this without specializing in medical or legal transcription and having several years of practice.Learning Curve. Transcription sounds easy, but it takes months or years to reach your fastest speeds. While you learn, your hourly pay takes a hit because you get paid per audio minute or hour you transcribe.Repetitive Work. While audio files might be different every time, transcription is still a repetitive job that doesn’t leave room for creativity. Verdict VA i w P L

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    s e Q Telegram offers a great way to promote your products and services to a large audience, it is similar to using Facebook or Instagram, but Telegram blows them away, when it comes to their engagement rate.Uq F

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    tp GThe process is similar to that of a realtor (real estate agent). You approach a website broker looking to sell. You enter into a sales agreement with them. This is normally an exclusive agreement that is valid for 90 days. The broker will then prepare the information memorandum about the website to be used to show potential buyers. In this document is all the relevant information about the website, its financials, traffic stats and answers to general questions.mk S

    You can be a good programmer and develop a robot. I have heard that some of the sites that sell robots have made millions. But I have never heard that their robots make money for traders in long term. If they have been able to make a lot of sales, it is because they are good internet marketers and also spend a lot of money on promoting and advertising.O FH h t r

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    * To begin, of course you have to make sure you have written the book and are proud of your accomplishment. Next, try Kindle Direct Publishing or a publishing house and research their fee and services. yJ s

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